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New York Comic-Con 2014!!

What an amazing time at New York Comic Con! It was an unbelievable feeling to have fans come up to our table and say they had picked up the book at the last con and loved it! Wow. And two new fans bought our book on Thursday and were back at our table later in the weekend to let us know they loved it! And my favorite might’ve been the woman who picked up issue 1 and said “I’ll give it a shot” and then a few hours later came back and said “I have to buy issues 2-4. I read issue 1 in line for a panel and I have to know what happens!” Such a fun four days seeing some of our longtime fans and meeting new fans. Here are some pictures from the Con. Hope you enjoy! And if you haven’t picked up a book you can still use our “NYCC” discount code at our webstore and get 20% off. Thank you!