David Parkin – Writer/Creator

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, David Parkin spent the majority of his life around the filming locations of movies such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Rio Bravo, Once Upon a Time in the West and Vanishing Point. His passion for stories started there, around the campfire in the mysterious desert and quiet woods. Dave has collected a lifetime of stories inspired by local religion and folklore and has taken it with him to LA in hopes to share it with the world.

His screenplay, THE DEVIL IS DUE IN DREARY, a supernatural western was selected for the “Emerging Narrative” program at IFP in New York. David adapted the story into the comic book and the feature film is currently in development. His screenplay, HELLS PASS, a unique take on Dante’s Inferno was recently featured on “The Hit List” as one of the best un-produced screenplays in Hollywood.

Daryl Freimark – Producer/Executive Editor

    Daryl Freimark is an Independent Producer and Founder of Hardball Entertainment. Amongst the films Daryl has produced are Neil LaBute’s SOME VELVET MORNING starring Alice Eve and Stanley Tucci (premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2013), ALLEGIANCE, written and directed by Michael Connors and starring Seth Gabel, Pablo Schreiber, Bow Wow and Aidan Quinn (released theatrically in December 2012) and FiveStar written and directed by Keith Miller (currently in post-production). Daryl is the Executive Editor of the 4-part comic book series and graphic novel THE DEVIL IS DUE IN DREARY created by David Parkin, based off Parkin’s screenplay and published by Arcana. Daryl will be producing the movie version of DREARY in 2014. Daryl has also produced a number of short films including LaBute’s BFF (premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2012) and SPECIAL THINGS TO DO written and directed by T.J. Misny (premiered at Woodstock Film Festival 2011). Previously Daryl spent eight years at New Line Cinema, where he was a Co-Producer on HAIRSPRAY (2007) starring John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Zac Effron.

Kelley Van Dilla – Head of Marketing

A recent graduate of Vassar College – Kelley Van Dilla is an actor and set designer. Recent projects: #ReganCross (dir. Catherine Cusick) at Theatre Row, Harrison TX: Three Plays by Horton Foote (dir. Pam MacKinnon) at Primary Stages,  FiveStar (dir. Keith Miller),   Intimate Semaphores (dir. T.J. Misny)

Allan Jefferson – Penciler

     Past work includes: War Machine, Justice League of America and Predators: Preserve The Game amongst many other.

Alex Sanchez – Cover Art

     Star Wars: The Old Republic, Justice Society of America Classified, Tales of the Vampires and 30 Days of Night and many others.

Jonas Trindade – Inker

Rainer Petter – Colorist

Diego Tapié – Colorist

Frank Barbiere – Letters and Design

Richard Emms – Letters and Design